Martynas Milkevičius

Martynas Milkevičius is a Fine Art and Portrait photographer based in Trondheim, Norway. His artwork is published by number of magazines and is part of both, individual and corporate collections both in the USA and Europe. Martynas is spending his time traveling and hiking, scoping out the new motives, often well off the beaten paths or patiently waiting to get the light just right. When it comes to his art, his style is one best defined by dramatic, moody, cinematic imagery that derives from his love of unsettled, sombre and changing weather. He loves adventure, oddities and uniqueness in his life. There's always something interesting going on in his world. 

He is always looking for innovative ways to use his skills and equipment and he put a lot of brainstorming into creating style and idea behind the shoot to produce images with the most impact. As he strive for the perfection, he handle all of the process by himself, from taking the image out in the field to the final fine art giclée print. 
Let the Gods of Weather and the Lord of Light be always on our side!

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